From now on, you can tell a/your story in sign language and share it on SignLibrary! Or do you have a favourite tale or even a book that you want to translate into sign language and upload it onto the newly opened community space of SignLibrary? Do it – it’s easy! With your contribution you help to create an international sign language platform for literature, novels, poetry and sign language story-telling.

How do you do that?

First you shoot a video of you telling a/your story in sign language. Then you sign up for YouTube and you put your video online. Finally you register for SignLiberary where you add the YouTube-Link to your sign language story.

Your story is too long for YouTube?

However, we still can put your sign language story online: Please contact us at

  • Author: Szabó Noémi
  • Cím: Algyői Könyvtár
  • Narrator: nincs
  • Jelnyelv: Magyar jelnyelv
  • Author: Margret & H.A. Rey's
  • Cím: Curious George in the Big City
  • Narrator: Pinky Aiello
  • Jelnyelv: Osztrák jelnyelv
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